Foster Care Online Binder

Database Development

CTS is working on an online version of a Foster Parent Binder. The owner and his wife are currently in the process of becoming Foster Parents and have already noticed the extreme amounts of paperwork that will be involved. CTS has been working on a way to make this paperwork electronic and still maintain the privacy required by all agencies. Once we begin testing this we will begin to check with the proper agencies to make sure the information is maintained properly.

Database Development

In this stage we are creating the tables and planning out the way the database will look. Not all sites will use a database so this may not be applicable to all sites. This stage can take months to get everything correct before we actually start creating the database tables.

Application Development

In this stage we are creating the User Interface and User Experience parts of the Application. We are developing code to create the overall appearance of the application as well as the backend operations of the Application.

Application Testing

In this stage we are testing the Operations of the Application. We may complete this ourselves or ask for assistance in testing. If you would like to assist in a testing phase please check back here for more information.

Security Device Manager

Database Development

CTS is working on a project that will store Access Control and Video Surveillance devices into a database for reference by the contractor maintaining the security systems. This application will include a section for use during the planning stages of new installations to assist the contractor in planning and purchasing aspects of new installations.

For more information see DeviceMGR. Also view our Product Introduction .